Gender and Diversity

The post graduate program attaches great importance to equality of opportunity for female and male scientists.
The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) provides additional resources to increase the number of female scientists enabling them to get a position in the project management. Furthermore promoting the academic career of young scientists is also part of the support as well as creating a family-friendly workplace.

Possible Gender Measures

Besides taking account of certain guidelines the post graduate program and its scientists can freely decide on how to use the addional resources. There are various possibilities, among these are e.g.:

  • Career Advancement
    • individual coaching
    • participation in workshops, e.g.
      • organisation (time management, project management)
      • communication (courses on rhetoric and the use of voice, how to apply properly)
      • career building in sciences (networking, career management, support on achieving a postdoctoral qualification)
      • gender sensitation for men and women
  • Mentoring
    • participation in TANDEMdok/TANDEMplus
    • support of research stays abroad including mentoring programs with international scientists

  • Compatibility of family and scientific career
    • financing of child care outside normal opening hours af the day care centres (during summer schools, journeys, meetings or events)
    • financing of a so-called mobile nursery
    • possibility of home office
    • personnel support during maternity protection
    • financial support for scientists in case of delay in finishing the doctoral studies/PhD-thesis due to child or descendant care
    • additional financial means for pregnant/breast-feeding doctoral canditates

  • Financial support for research abroad

Additional resources to support pregnant/breast-feeding doctoral candidates or postgraduates

Female doctoral candidates or postgraduates whose ability to work is limited by health problems and/or legal issues during their pregnancy or lactation are supported in their graduation respectively projects. Therefore additional resources are provided for representation respectively assistance, generally for student assistants or technical assistants.

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