Qualification Concept

To assure a successful interdisciplinary cooperation the participating partners agreed on four guiding principles:

Promotion of excellence: Excellent research is supported by targeted identification and promotion of excellent researchers as well as a comprehensive evaluation and documentation of research results (benchmarking) and procedures (best practices).
Diversity: Key factors of a successful realization of the research vision are talents and skills of all researchers of different sexes, cultural backgrounds and experiences as well as interdisciplinary cooperation.
Sustainability: The cooperation of the post graduate is aimed at a sustainable research and development structure. Essential elements of this strategy are a close interaction of research and qualification concept.
Evaluation: All researchers are bound to a continuous self-assessment and an interdisciplinary exchange of research results. The thematic platforms (annual workshops), the qualification concept (series lectures, interdisciplinary seminars) and regular milestone reports enable this evaluation. Those reports are an important instrument of the intern quality assurance.

Future drive concepts will be strongly affected by electrification. In parallel combustion engines will take an important function in the medium term as they ensure an usual high range through a high energy density of fuels. The post graduate program provides postgraduates the opportunity to prepare for the future interdisciplinary scope of duties through a specific study program.