Control and System Simulation

Researchers of this interdisciplinary field develop physically based, if necessary real time models from the results which are provided by the examination of the components of the main research fields. Model based predictive controllers are investigated for optimized, energy-efficient operating of the complete system of range extender and energy storage. The interface to the car is facilitated by the research activities of Prof. Abel, Prof. Heinzel, Prof. Eckstein and Prof. Pischinger in the area of energy management for hybrid drivetrains and the findings of previous research on the subject of telematic based, predictive operating strategies for parallel hybrids.

Main focus of this research field is the control and simulation of the entire system. The integrated parametric sub models for electrochemical energy storage, the range extender module and the power electronics allow the investigation of an optimal overall system topology. For example, the charge and discharge losses of the energy storage system can be reduced and the durability can be increased by well matching components and optimized control strategies. Encapsulated simulation models of the single components are included into the global system simulation to analyze the interactions between the single components in real time.