Thermal Management

An integrated energy supply module has high demands regarding the thermal boundary conditions of the energy storage system. To ensure reliable operation under all operating conditions, the temperatures of battery, e-motor and power electronics has to be kept within the limits by a suitable cooling System. The range extender module offers an additional degree of freedom for the conditioning of battery systems (heating and cooling) and is a central component of the overall vehicle thermal management system, e.g. for control of the cabin temperature. (Prof. Eckstein, Prof. Abel, Prof. Kneer, Prof. Pischinger)

To accommodate the increasing thermal load of compact e-motors, new heat transfer system with alternative coolants and two phase cooling are investigated. Relevant components for the thermal management, like batteries, power electronics and the range extender, will be measured (e.g. via infrared thermography). Based on the measurements, the components will be thermally modeled and integrated into an overall simulation platform. Three dimensional flow simulation and one dimensional models are applied dependent on the level of detail needed. Finally, the component models will be transferred into a parametric model of the overall system in close cooperation with researchers of the field „simulation and control“. The parametric model can be used for real time control of the energy supply module.